Spare Parts Tray

Model Number: 1H-027

Short Description

100x100x600 Fischer Spare Parts Tray

Price: $13.42 (Inc GST)

Extra Divider: $0.55 Inc GST


  • Strong and durable
  • Fits standard metal shelving
  • Industrial and domestic
  • Ideal for repair centres, garages, electronic shops
  • Colour - grey (special colour by application)
  • 1H-001/012, 1H-002/017, 1H-003/024, 1H-004/025 supplied with 2 removable dividers, 1H-027/-028 with 5 removable dividers
  • Position dividers to suit your needs
  • Made from Polypropylene to resist solvents & oils
Code Product Dimensions
1H-012 Spare Parts Tray Grey 100x100x300
1H-017 Spare Parts Tray Grey 100x100x400
1H-024 Spare Parts Tray Grey 200x100x300
1H-025 Spare Parts Tray Grey 200x100x400
1H-027 Spare Parts Tray Grey 100x100x600
1H-028 Spare Parts Tray Grey 200x100x600



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